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Dhanwantari's Cap. Phytogra
Sexual Health Enhancer


Sexual Health:
Sexual health is the experience of the ongoing process of physical, psychological, and sociocultural well being related to sexuality. It is not merely the absence of dysfunction, disease and / or infirmity.
Sexual health concerns and problems are important to address and find solutions for not only because they undermine Sexual Health, and therefore the general health of the individual, family and society, but also because their presence might signal other health problems.
In the past, the use of the term “pathology” to denote sexual problems has created considerable controversy. The usual and clear cut meaning of the term pathology in other areas of health care is frequently lost. When it is applied to sexual problems and concerns due to the nature of the problems experienced. Therefore the expert working group recommends the use of the term “sexual problem” rather than “pathology” to refer to Sexual Health problems
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